Saturday, December 12, 2009

Joy Behar on Tiger Woods Many Transgressions He is Mentally ill at This Point

Joy Behar on Tiger Woods' Many 'Transgressions': 'He's Mentally ill at This Point

12/10/09 "The View's" Joy Behar: "When it's one person it's a humiliation and feels like a rejection. When it's twelve, he's mentally ill at this point."

Whether you agree with Behar's point or not, it does beg the question: Should Tiger Woods check into sex rehab as soon as possible? Paging Dr. Drew Pinsky...Stat!

(Update): "Rachel Uchitel Not Happy About The View's

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  1. I agree with Joyce Behar. Tiger Woods is a bum. I have played golf for 55 years and was, of course, not as good as Mr. Woods. I did play with many Small time Pro's and understand the game. I was a hard hitting nite club owner, and restaurant owner in Upstate N.Y. The clubs were all registered to me. I know money, being caught by the IRS-CID for 10 million and becoming a consultant on Tax Evasion. I know the difference between having a girlfriend and paying a string of Whores. In the nite club/bar business, I have seen many things, and committed a few crimes myself. Therefore as a government consultant on crime and a former member of the old Lansky Group(Meyer Lansky), I judge Mr. Tiger Woods as a bum! As a father, a grandfather and formerly married, I judge Mr. Tiger Woods a bum. As a man, and golfer, I judge Mr. Tiger Woods a bum. I shall, like many, ask the PGA to suspend Tiger Woods for one year. Just like Pete Rose in baseball, Tiger Woods is no longer good for golf, except for the Gate! The Gate will still be big for Tiger Woods, but will not have as many golfers in it. The Crowd will be more looking for new girls, watching for a Tiger mistake or any other transgression, other than golf. Will the Gate be bigger with Tiger? "YES", for now. Tiger is 34 years old and has 9 years left, but does not have the class that Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, or Jack Nicholous had. Tiger Woods is now a known whoremaster and panderer! He solitcites whores for money, and a whore is a whore is a whore. I dated many women in my time and I will tell you now, "I never had one ask me for money". I did not have Tiger Woods money, but I had a few million dollars, and in upstate N.Y., that was OK. I go to the Track, in Saratoga, a lot in the old days and I bet on sports and horses. I have been to Las Vegas many times in the old days, but I never paid a prostitute! I want Tiger Woods out of Golf. We will see. When Fuzzy Zollar mis-spoke about Mr. Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods did not reach out to quell the talk. Fuzzy lost all his sponsors. Tiger Woods will be dropped by Pepsi and General Foods. They have children to think of. I will never purchase another Pepsi until this BUM Woods is fired. Most of the Pro Golfers feel the same way. Most will never make more than a few million dollars in their life time, if that, on Tour. But there are children coming up and a Whore like Tiger Woods is no longer welcome. I want this bum out of Golf. Let him go on the Asian Tour, or the lousey South American Tour, for a change. They most likely won't hear as much about this bum as we, in North America and Europe have! Let this bum work his way back like John Daley did. John Daley also did it to himself! Let no one feel sorry for Tiger Woods because he just made 50 million for 2010 because the yearly contracts can not be revolked until 2011. This bum made 50 million dollars and he we will not see an ad or show with his picture on it. I am done! Sincerely bigmikecraft

  2. Joy is so full of Joy and Judgment...who is she to diagnose anyone? people will get sick of Joy and her sanctimonious crap now that they will see more of it and I think Tiger is less than an insect so its not that I am a fan of his, its just Joy is so ridiculous in her judgments. BIGMIKECRAFT on the other hand knows how to make a case without sounding like a bozo. BIGMIKECRAFT GETS MY VOTE and I support his positions wholeheartedly and agree with every word but I would like to add this part to the equation: as a woman who has been to the same places as BIGMIKECRAFT...probably at the same time, the daughter of a nightclub owner who showed me the ropes at 12 (a lot like Rachel Uchitel but she learned different lessons apparently)...apart from what he has done to the sport, he has visited the worst mental abuse on his wife and children robbing her of the happiest time of her life as a new mother, having no peace of mind, not being able to trust ANYONE because they are on the payroll and she has had her head spun around worrying about what is going on while this monster has played her and told her she is imagining things (anybody know what I'm talking about?) and this monster has robbed his babies of their mother's peace of mind and emotional wellbeing and he did it with premeditation and orchestration, this is not a married man who had a few too many out of town and felt enormous remorse and suffered nagging guilt over one indiscretion. This is a monster. I am so pleased the outcry of the decent public has made it impossible for him to shake this off..I am delighted he has the worst possible public relations team probably in all of entertainment and sports history because they made this ten times worse than it otherwise would have been.....GO BIGMIKECRAFT!

  3. Why does our relationship with Tiger Woods go beyond watching him golf? This is a distraction from real issues and frankly this is a non-issue. Seriously, we really don't need to become involved in this cult of personality and infiltrate the lives of celebrities for nothing more than our desire to watch a public figure destroyed. This is disgusting, and our society is degenerate for tolerating this blatent breech of privacy.



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