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Here are some reasons why you should not take this vaccine that the government keeps hyping up and pressuring you to take.
- Vaccines contain mercury, squalene, aluminum and other chemical toxins, which damages your nervous system and your health altogether. This is scientific fact.
- Pharmaceutical companies are only out for profit. They are selling you the idea that you need their vaccine because that is their job to do so as greedy profit making companies. They know vaccines are harmful for you and yet continue to sell and make vaccines for profit and at the command of the government.
- The government knows the public is uninformed and is hoping to get as much people in fear as possible. When people are in fear they give their power and intellect away. This fear arises due to lack of information. If we had an informed public then not one single person would take this vaccine knowing that it is highly dangerous. The public is in a trance by the media who tells them to get the vaccine at the command of the pharmaceutical companies and Big Brother government who CONTROLS and OWNS the mass media in the first place. Their job is to do the bidding of these pharma companies and government agencies - to be their talking puppets brainwashing the masses on how to perceive reality and what to think.
- Baxter, which is a vaccine manufacturer, was caught earlier this year putting live bird flu in their vaccines in Austria. This obviously did not make headline news as they do not want you to be informed of what took place. However, if you do your own research you can find the information. It is out there. If they infected their vaccines with live bird flu what makes you think they wont do it with these vaccines?
- The government and vaccine makers will be immune from any lawsuit that occurs from the deaths and injuries caused by vaccines. How very coincidental that they are protected from what they know will kill and injure many around the world.
- The governments and elite have time after time told us they want to depopulate the world - what better way then to infect us through vaccines or sterilize us through it. It has been done in the past and history always repeats itself. If your under the impression that the government loves you and has your best interest at heart - then your just a brain dead slave and you deserve what you get when you take this vaccine.
- The governments also hyped up the 1976 swine flu just as they are doing now and many took the vaccine and become ill, paralyzed and 25 people actually died from the vaccine itself. More deaths occurred because of the vaccine than the number of people that actually died from the swine flu itself.
- The government has manipulated the masses into believing that only vaccines can prevent or cure the flu or illnesses, but in actuality - they cause and create them. Vaccines are MAN-MADE and the makers have an interest in making money off the vaccines. Moreover, when they get you sick through their vaccines - you end up giving them more money because you will end up buying more drugs and products from pharmaceutical companies to battle the illness and side effects you have gotten from taking vaccines. See how the game is played? It is a never ending cycle of buying products and drugs to perpetuate profit making for the government and these drug companies.
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