Monday, November 30, 2009

Al Gore confronted on Climategate in Chicago

We Are Change Chicago confronts Al Gore at a Borders book signing on Climategate, carbon taxes, and the New World Order. Click the link for more info on the confrontation:

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  1. Way to go guys - it takes brave people to stand up to the forces behind global fraud.

  2. Are you serious? That was the gayest thing I've seen. I don't care if Al Gore ate the Lindberg baby, that is not the way to interview, ask or otherwise communicate to any human being. That looked like a bunch of chaotic crazies bum rushing someone.

  3. He says he's been working for 30 years on this... 30 years ago the crisis was global cooling or the next ice age. And he says its not about greed... and as for the interviewers, they ask politely for a comment at first - when denied a comment, they broadcast to the entire store the message of climategate. Sadly I don't think the message will get to any of the climate sheep in that store.

  4. He and his accomplices are total LIARS and should be SEVERELY punished for their crimes. I hope I see the day.

  5. I think a lot of people are missing the issue on carbon emissions and whether we have sufficient evidence to draw a direct line to global warming. One thing is for sure, if we do not change the way we live and the way that the world is developing, the planet will not have enough resources to satisfy everyone. You don't need any evidence to see that. For sure, common sense dictates spewing millions more ton of carbon into the atmosphere surely will have an impact. I don't need to see or wait for hard evidence to hit me in the face before i recognise this. Those who reject this are selfish and have no regard for future generations

  6. So Ken, you support lies and fearmonguring to further what you see as a good cause? Almost everyone is for clean air, clean water, and good stewardship of the Earth. This is about way more than that. This is about money and power. The "scientists" promoting this are in it for the research dollars, the politicians promoting this are in it for the power (and money they likely would make through deals and investments along the way). Wake up! The Earth has been warming for about 18,000 years. These fools are trying to make the world believe that the Earth was a constant temperature forever, until man came along and discovered hydrocarbons. Wake up! The Earth will warm, the Earth will cool, weather will change, climate will change. It's all part of the natural cycles. Wake up!!!!


    By: Angelos Backus

    Only a moron would have an answer!

    Most likely it is the same moron that will make the claim that they know which came first: the Chicken or the Egg? all without asking about the role of the rooster!


    It is embarrassing to constantly read about or hear educated politicians, news reporters, news commentators, quack scientists, and even a past Vice President of the United States making claims that the planet Earth is undergoing a period of global warming or global cooling. It is especially disturbing when these claims are made without first offering any logical scientific or mathematical evidence. Listening to some of these unsubstantiated statements, I can’t help myself from wondering what century we live in. Is it during the life of Aesop, where we were governing our thoughts by Aesop’s fable The Wind and the Sun or maybe during the eighteenth century and The Caloric Theory?

    If this is indeed the twenty-first century, then we must be aware of the historic Brownian Movement and the advancement of Dalton’s molecular and atomic theory, which led to the conciliation that all matter is composed of molecules.


    To read the comlete story click below



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